New Zealand Triple IPA

From the very beginning we wanted to have three IPAs hopped with exquisite New Zealand hops. Pia, taura and tohunga are levels of initiation in the traditional Maori esoteric school, tohunga being the master level.

Tohunga is the strongest in our New Zealand line of beers. We have to thank the New Zealand hops for the breath-taking aromas of coconut, lime, kiwi and a whole plethora of tropical fruit. Amazing fullness and lusciousness are the result of using wheat and oat flakes, as well as carefully selected yeast. Expect low and short bitterness, ABV – given it’s a triple IPA – is moderate.

Did we reach the tohunga level when brewing this beer? You tell us!

Make sure to try our first of the New Zealand beers, Pia (session IPA), and the second, double IPA – Taura.

ABV: 8,3 %

Extract: 22 %

IBU: 50

Main hops:
Nelson Sauvin, Motueka, Wai-iti, Mosaic

First batch: August 2019

Water, barley malt, wheat flakes, oat flakes, hops, yeast.


Bottle photo
Can photo

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