We brew what we like

We are a Polish craft brewery based in Tarnów, Poland. After years of developing and searching, we found our place to brew best craft beers in Żywiec. Thanks to our cooperation with the greatest, we constantly evolve, mastering the existing beers and creating new, exciting concoctions.

We put beer first: it needs to be of the highest quality, always. Craft beer which is well thought through, refined, flawless, and repeatedly so. We don’t do compromise. Brewing craft beer is a long process, and we are not in a hurry. It needs to be perfect..or not at all. When brewing our beers we use natural ingredients only: water, hops, yeast and malt. These are always super-fresh, sourced from the best producers from around the world (USA, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Czech Republic) as well as Poland. They are the foundation of the amazing flavours and aromas, our brewery’s trademark. 

Our craft beers portfolio boasts more than one beer style. You will find a line of classic beers – including Pils for example, then there are the new wave beers, predominantly IPAs; dark, strong beers, and last but not least, our Grodziskie beer

Our classic beers are rooted in the centuries-old brewing tradition. Well-brewed Pils, Weizen, Porter, Bock come in a number of variations and are sure to please any conservative fan of craft beers. As part of this production line, we also offer our Belgian trilogy. 

Beer in the Grodziskie style is an iconic Polish craft beer style, our brewing treasure. This one holds a special place in our heart and as such, we dedicated Grodziskie beer an entire entry on our website. After all, it’s the only 100% Polish beer style! 

To counterbalance the classic beers, do try our new wave beers (pale and dark). These craft beers are created to express our take on the current brewing trends. The solid basis of this category are our IPAs, but we also offer saisons, stouts, ales and low-alcoholic beers. 

If you are a lover of more potent beverages, our craft brewery recommends the mighty beers line: extremely complex and aromatic strong beers, often barrel-aged. This category is dominated by dark beers, i.e. porters and stouts. It’s definitely worth checking 😊

Cheers! Come and try some of the best craft beer in Poland.