Our New IPA – Hazy Rye Micro IPA

Micro IPA

Hazy Rye Micro IPA is a very light addition to Our New IPA Needs No Introduction series.
The beer was fermented with a yeast strain that gave it juiciness and “fluffiness”; large amount of rye malt in the grist increased the feeling of fullness. The hops used in Hazy Rye Micro IPA are Amarillo and Simcoe – two classics of the beer revolution, which brought a fantastic mixture of citrus, floral, but also resin and pine aromas. We also added Vista hops – a lesser-known variety that enhanced the taste and aroma of citrus and added aroma of tropical stone fruits.

ABV: 3,3 %

Extract: 10 %

IBU: 30

Amarillo, Vista, Simcoe

First batch: May 2023


Water, barley malt, rye malt, wheat flakes, hops, yeast.


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