Belgian Single

Novicius is brewed in the interesting style of Belgian Singles. Back in the days, European monks would make it for their own use as a daily beverage, or as a refreshment for weary pilgrims. Safer than water, if offered much needed pick-me-up without the dangerous bacteria. Single is still brewed in monasteries around the word, and we chose to be inspired by the Belgian ones, with their characteristic fruity yeast.

Expect a refreshing, light beer with pleasant aromas of peaches, apricots and mirabelle plums. Moderate bitterness and lively carbonation give Novicius its crispiness.

A great drink to start the Belgian beer adventure.

ABV: 4.5 %

Extract: 10.5 %

IBU: 20

Saaz, Centennial

First batch: July 2016


Water, barley malt, wheat flakes, hops, yeast.


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