Grodziskie with Pressed Apple Juice

Imperial Graff Grodziskie

Imperial Graff Grodziskie… and what style is this style?

Imperial, which is a stronger subversion of a particular beer style – in this case the Polish Grodziskie.

Graff is the key word in the case of this beer, and it means nothing more than that we have brewed a hybrid of beer and cider, combining beer wort and apple juice just before fermentation.

Grodziskie (the only true Polish style) – which is a pale, very light beer, brewed with smoked wheat malt. It has a distinctive focal aroma, high bitterness and very lively carbonation.

Imperial Graff Grodziskie by Trzech Kumpli has an exceptional aroma and taste. First of all, you can experiece the smoky aroma, but the noble, elegant and oaky one. Secondly, you can feel the hops and, when the beer heats up a little and “opens”, the aroma of red apples comes through.

A perfect beer for the holidays, especially those with a bonfire and fire-baked apples!

AVB: 3,8 %

Extract: 10,5 %

IBU: 30

Main hops:
Cascade, Chinook, Lubelski

First batch: May 2020

Water, smoked wheat malt, apple juice, barley malt, hops, yeast.


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