Gose Sauté


Gose is a light, wheat beer, with a salty and sour taste. Originally from Lower Saxony, it became almost extinct in the 20th century.It wasn’t until the beginning of the twenty-first century that thanks to the efforts of small German breweries this style was brought back to life.

Historically, it was a spontaneously top-fermented beer, which meant that the wild yeast was responsible for the fermentation process. Legend has it that the distinctive salty flavour was due to the characteristic water proprieties of the Gose river in the town of Goslar.

The classic Gose you are holding in your hand, thanks to bacterial fermentation, presents a characteristic fruit and yoghurt blend in its aroma. Its taste is an intriguing mix of flavors: salty, bitter and sour. That’s right: Gose is a salty beer! What if we tell you that it is also seasoned with coriander seeds? Is it enough to make you want to try it?

Do try our version of Gose with passion fruit and mango!

ABV: 4,9 %

Extract: 12.5 %

IBU: 10

Hops: Iunga

First batch: September 2020


Water, barley malt, wheat flakes, wheat malt, yeast, salt, hops, coriander seeds, lactic acid bacteria: lactobacillus.


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