Pink Boots 2023

Double Oat IPA

Trzech Kumpli Pink Boots 2023 is our second approach to beer using Pink Boots Blend hops. This highly aromatic hop collage is recomposed every year by the American hop producer Yakima Chief Hops in cooperation with the Pink Boots Society. Every purchase of Pink Boots Blend supports the activities of the association for American women working (or wanting to start working) in the brewing and hop industry. We really like this initiative and we will support it every year.

The basis of the composition of Trzech Kumpli Pink Boots 2023 is pale ale barley malt, but as much as 20% of the grist is oat malt. Hence the name of the style: Oat IPA. We wanted to achieve exceptional velvety, slightly sour fullness, but at the same time drinkability. That’s why we added a lot of wheat and oat flakes. Of course, we used a mix composed by Yakima Chief Hops and Pink Boots Society, whose full name is Pink Boots 6th Annual Blend 2022. This year it includes three hops that bring different aromas to the beer:

  • Loral – floral, fresh citrus fruits and herbs,
  • Ekuanot – melon and pineapple,
  • HBC 586 (experimental variety that is still waiting for its marketing name) – mango.

The bitterness of Pink Boots 2023 has a very pleasant crisp character of lime and lemongrass, which makes the beer seem to have a slightly sour, refreshing finish. The beer looks really promising, doesn’t it?

ABV: 7 %

Extract: 19 %

IBU: 50

Hops: Pink Boots 2022 Blend (Loral, Ekuanot, HBC586) 

First batch: February 2023


Water, barley malt, oat malt, oat flakes, wheat flakes, yeast, hops.


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