Imperial Baltic Porter, Rum Barrel Aged

Aging beer in wooden barrels results in prominent oak notes, but above all, it adds the character of the alcohol that previously resided in the barrel. It’s like adding an additional aromatic layer to beer.

This is how Björn came about. Björn, Ragnar’s oldest son, called Ironside, invincible, not obvious, he inherited most of his father’s qualities, yet he’s still finding his own way. This great warrior flows from rum barrels originating from Jamaica and Barbados. We age it for 14 months, so that apart from well-known rum notes, Ragnar gets additional cherry aromas.

Be sure to try our others barrel aged Ragnars – Floki and Ivar – as well!

ABV: 12,5 %

Extract: 26

IBU: 80

Hops: Cascade US

First batch: January 2018


Water, barley malts, wheat malt, oat flakes, sugar, hops, yeast


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