Pink Boots 2022

Double Oat IPA

For the fifth year in a row, our largest supplier of American hops – Yakima Chief Hops – is working with the Pink Boots association on an annual unique hop blend. Its originality is not only a phenomenal smell, but most of all the fact that it is created by women from the American brewing and hop industry. Part of the profits from the sale of this blend is supporting the Pink Boots Society, which funds educational scholarships for women from above industries.
We joined this initiative in our own way: of course, we bought a Pink Boots blend and threw it into the tank, which supported the overall campaign, and on top of that we also decided to donate 30,000 PLN of the revenue from the sale of Trzech Kumpli Pink Boots 2022 to help Ukraine. We will pay the amount directly to the account of Polska Akcja Humanitarna (PAH).

And now about the beer itself:) We brewed Double Oat IPA, which is double India Pale Ale containing a large portion of malt and oat flakes. Thanks to them, we have achieved the juiciness and roundness of the beer at an unprecedented level in our country. Additionally, with a light hand, we hopped them with the aforementioned American hop mixture: Pink Boots 2022 Blend.
What you can expect in this beer is the aromatic blaze of tropical, sweet fruits with floral and herbal notes, and a wonderful creaminess built on a large addition of oat malt. The fruity juiciness of hops, which consists of the blend: Talus, Triumph, Loral, Idaho Gem, and an experimental variety hidden under the code name HBC 630, fits perfectly with this.
Open, smell, try and enjoy your part in supporting great initiatives!

ABV: 7,1 %

Extract: 19 %

IBU: 45

Hops: Pink Boots 2022 (Talus, Triumph, Loral, Idaho Gem, HBC 630), CTZ   

First batch: February 2022

Water, barley malt, oat malt, oat flakes, wheat flakes, yeast, hops.


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