Imperial Berliner Weisse | Raspberries

Imperial Berliner Weisse

Our Berliner Weisse style beer offers you a true time travel flavour experience. It was brewed since 16th century in Hamburg, and then Berlin, where the production reached its peak in 19th century. This is when Napoleon soldiers took a fancy to this beer and started drinking it with raspberry juice. In 20th century, Berliner Weisse got out of fashion and it’s been only during the last decade or so that this style has been revived by the craft beermakers.

Our approach here is a mix of old and new: the ingredients, raspberry juice, fermentation style, aging – that’s all done traditionally. What we tweaked is the alcohol levels. Berliner Weisse is generally a light beer (3%), we ramped it up to 5% to enhance the flavour. This is our second sour beer (after Gose), which is a result of a mixed fermentation of yeast and bacteria. You can expect intense, acidic and fruity aromas, low bitterness and great refreshment.

Please note that Berliner Weisse is a really sour beer! No need for concern, everything is in order.

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ABV: 5.1 %

Extract: 12 %

IBU: 8

Hops: Iunga

First batch: June 2020


Water, barley malt, wheat flakes, wheat malt, raspberry juice, hops, yeast, lactic acid bacteria: lactobacillus.


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