On 13 January 2020 we went ahead with the pilot of our new initiative, #MamyTrzechKumpli (#wehaveTrzechKumpli). To start, nine pubs around Poland decided to take part. If you visit them, you will always find three of our beers on their taps. The owners decide which ones specifically.

In all the places with the #MamyTrzechKumpli sticker you will be able to choose from a wide range of our bottled beers, those rare ones, too. You can also expect various events organized by us, including tap takeovers, premieres, meetings with our crew, competitions etc.

Our stickers went exclusively to the most respectable and best-rated craft beer pubs. We decided to cooperate with our long-term partners, who know our beers inside out as they have been selling them from the very beginning. We also wanted a geographical diversity which is why the bars are spread all over the country.

Those are:

Biała Małpa in Katowice

Syty Chmiel in Warsaw

House of Beer in Krakow

Św.Michał in Lublin

Wściekły Chmiel in Poznan



As part of the #MamyTrzechKumpli initiative we also collaborate with respectable beer stores, those with a vast offer of craft beer and professional customer service.

Our cooperation means these places are first to get access to our premiere beers, they also will always stock at least 21 of our beers. The stores got the opportunity to sell our partner beers and our gadgets, too.

Find us in:

BierLand in Katowice

Raj Piwosza in Warsaw

Spiżarnia in Rzeszow

Strefa Piwa in Krakow