Imperial Baltic Porter

It ain’t easy with a Baltic Porter, and especially not with its imperial version. The stakes are high and it comes down to this: Go big or go home. This beer HAS TO BE good, otherwise its existence is pointless.

Super strong starting extract (26° Plato),loads of chocolatey and burnt malt, plenty of warming up alcohol, distinctive coffee, chocolate, nuts, prunes flavours. And above all, matching bitterness, one that doesn’t overwhelm, but rather encompasses all flavours beautifully.

Be sure to try our barrel aged Ragnars – Floki, Björn and Ivar – as well!

Before drinking, don’t forget to check who Ragnar was!

ABV: 10.4 %

Extract: 26 %

IBU: 80

Hops: Cascade US

First batch: March 2017


Bottle photo

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