Imperial Baltic Porter, Bourbon Barrel Aged

Aging beer in wooden barrels results in prominent oak notes, but above all, it adds the character of the alcohol that previously resided in the barrel. It’s like adding an additional aromatic layer to beer.

That’s how Floki came about. Ragnar’s great friend, a crafted boat builder, but also a mighty warrior and a mystic.
It flows from bourbons barrels, Jack Daniel’s and Woodford blend. We age Ragnar for 14 months and as a result, we end up with a sweet, almost vanilla aroma, which blends fantastically well with the dark, burnt and chocolatey malts.

Be sure to try our others barrel aged Ragnars – Björn and Ivar – as well!

ABV: 10,4 %

Ekstract: 26

IBU: 80

Hops: Cascade US

First batch: January 2018


Bottle photo

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