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NZ Double IPA

In the traditional Maori school of esoteric learning, a beginner is called a pia. Once you’re advanced in the knowledge of the occult lore you become a tāura. Taura is our next beer in the breath-taking journey through the Land of the Long White Cloud. It will surprise you with the aromas of coconut, limes and kiwi, and powerful flavours of ripe tropical fruits. Moderate bitterness, impressive body, just the right amount of alcohol, and again, incredible fruitiness. Naturally we didn’t use any fruit, additives or aromas, it was all New Zealand hops doing their job!

And one more thing: you definitely have to try our first beer of the New Zealand series – Pia, a saison IPA.

ABV 6.6 %

Extract 18.5 %

IBU 40

Wai-iti, Motueka, Galaxy

First batch October 2018

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