Nasze pierwsze kwaśne piwo - Gose

Dowiedz się więcej o pierwszym kwaśnym piwie w naszym portfolio – Gose z mango i marakują!



Owner | Brewer

He invented and created Trzech Kumpli brewery and all our beers. Driven by passion, love for flavours, by willingness to create something new and on his own terms. One-man band, Renaissance man. He invents, brews, drives, manages, coordinates, advises, sells, trains. He knows exactly how he wants his new beer to taste and he knows how to get there. No cutting corners. Gifted with extraordinary senses of taste and smell he looks after each batch. Pathologically hard-working, efficient and detail-oriented, he won’t go easy on typos, label graphic design, or the whole of brewing process. Constantly reads, educates himself, experiments, searches. Demanding, yet the person he demands most from is himself.

Favourite beer of Piotrek’s? American Beauty.

“This beer has everything I seek for in a beer: drinkability, freshness, fruitiness, nice, swift bitterness, elegant clarity, a beautiful label and a lovely story of how the beer was created. We brewed the first batch with my friend, brewer Andrzej Miler. If I had to choose one beer I would drink for the rest of my life, it’d be American Beauty”.



Owner | Brand Manager

It wasn’t easy to talk her into quitting a stable, well-paid job and join forces with Piotrek when the brewery needed a boost after a promising start. What eventually convinced her was the fact that she had already been in it knee-deep anyway, working for the brewery full time.
She carefully looks after our marketing strategy, ensures consistency of the presentation and quality in everything inside and outside of the bottle. Her favourite tool at work is intuition, which serves us perfectly especially with the “We support what we like” project. She’s been a part of every strategic decision regarding the brewery and it was her who came up with the name Pan IPAni! There’s no doubt that there would be no Trzech Kumpli without her.

Favourite beer: Pan IPAni.

“Pani IPAni tastes great and has many lovers, but it’s a special beer for me personally, mostly because of the time of its origin. It was our breakthrough craft, one that strengthened our position on the market, got new fans. Pan IPAni was made with love, somewhere between folding laundry, walks with kids and cooking dinner. It made us believe that we can do it, that quitting our jobs was a good idea. It’s amazing to hear that it is now a classic, a drink that converts many people to the world of craft beers.”



Order fulfillment | Festivals

A part of Trzech Kumpli since the beginning. His role has changed through the years quite dynamically: from brewing in the kitchen together, through our Tarnow shop renovation, to covering festivals and pub orders. Undeterred at taking part in all our events, he preps, packs, cleans, sets up and then pours beer to your cup at our stand. A handyman, a master of funny gaffes and an old-school dude: he still uses his notepad to keep track of the keg orders.

Tymek’s favourite beer? Pils.

“My fascination with beer has come a full circle, after drinking intense IPAs it is Pils that I’ve been enjoying most often since last year. A light, universal everyday beer – yet with character.”



Development projects | Partnerships

She joined us at the last moment and saved us from exhaustion. Why hadn’t we thought of hiring someone like that earlier! Quick, efficient, extremely well-organised. She manages our relationship with shops and warehouses, supervises orders, packing and transport of tens of thousands of bottles every week. At the same time she makes sure we never run out of supplies and merchandise, such as boxes, bottle caps and holders, cups, t-shirts etc. She excels at special and almost-impossible tasks.

Iwona’s favourite beer? Misty.

“I like Misty as it’s so aromatic. You get a hit from the fruit even before taking the first sip. Thanks to its cloudy structure it looks beautiful in a glass and it tastes great, too: Misty is smooth, silky and disappears so quickly it almost begs for a re-fill!”



Restaurants and hotels | Offers and orders

Her willingness to throw herself into a difficult experiment impressed us from the get-go. She created a virtually non-existent role on the craft beer market: an advisor, partner, consultant for restaurants, hotels and non-standard culinary projects. She looks after promotion and distribution of the brand in venues in Warsaw, but also other cities, which requires a lot of flexibility and grit. She feels at home at fine-dining restaurants as well as behind the tap at a craft beer pub, where she worked for many hours. Our Internet security guardian, our invaluable internal critic.

Natalia’s favourite beer? Brew Note.

„I like Brew Note, because it’s easy to drink. It’s dark, but the American hops give it great citrusy flavours. Oh, and I love the label!”



Shop in Tarnów | Local orders

He joined us quite recently and we can already tell it was a good call. An experienced home brewer, craft beer lover. The shop in Tarnów is his workplace now, where he serves the clients, advises and helps decide those undecided ones. He makes sure the place is neat and tidy, and most of all, well stocked. Tomek is very efficient at developing our local distribution, so that Tarnovians have a chance to drink our beer not only at home, but also at neighbour bars and restaurants. His positive can-do attitude is also super helpful when it comes to our other local initiatives.

Tomek’s favourite beer? Califia.

„It was love at first smell, first sip. The name says it all: Califia is the queen of the Amazon warriors, alluring yet dangerous. I love it for its amazing aroma, for being potent yet very drinkable and easy. It’s without a doubt the sunniest beer in Trzech Kumpli repertoire – and I for one really like sun.”



Sales | Distributors

Master of sales, analysis and observation. Rich in life, work and social experience, he’s keen, thoughtful and attentive. He joined us without craft brewing background which was a very conscious decision. We need someone to think out of the “beer-box” so that we can grow more fully. He recommends good books and boosts our confidence.

Tristan’s favourite beer? He loves tea;)



Sales | Stores and wholesalers

He works closely with Tristan and strongly supports us in acquiring new customers throughout Poland. He joined us recently, and he already has achieved some successes. He’s a vivid example of the fact that a “significant name” is not just an empty term in the dictionary (his last name “Bystry” means smart in Polish). He’s witty, flexible, with extensive sales experience. It all suits us;)

Grzesiek’s favorite beer? Taura.
“Basically, I love all our new wave beers, but if I have to choose only one, I choose Taura. Taura is a distinctive mix of aromas and flavors of tropical fruits. Such fresh citruses, which my mother always reminded me about eating of… but in liquid form. Intense notes of grapefruit, tangerines, coconut and kiwi, with balanced bitterness. What else could you expect from beer?”

Kuba Rosiek

Kuba Rosiek

Pubs | Brewer

Well-known and well-liked in the world of Polish crafts, Kuba gained experience working behind the taps of Krakow bars: House of Beer, Tap House as well as at the brew-house of an established Polish brewery Pracownia Piwa. Kuba has also run numerous workshops, tastings and events related to craft beer. On top of that, he’s attended uncountable beer festivals and driven miles and miles to get to the best events.
He’s a judge at the Polish Homebrewers Association and the Beer Judge Certification Program.
A lover and a ruthless critic of artisanal beers, he’s been known to give honest feedback to Trzech Kumpli beers too (although he rarely has a reason to criticise!).
At Trzech Kumpli Kuba is responsible for looking after pubs, he represents the brewery at numerous events and has conceptual and technological input into the new wave beers line.

Kuba’s favourite beer?

That’s not an easy question — to choose only one seems impossible! On one hand I’m a great fan of Grodziskie, which I can drink faster than any other beer. On the other hand, I love the fun you can have with the new wave hops. Here my absolute favourite is Amok, where Glaxy, Nelson Sauvin and Sabro (among others) create a unique and complex composition of flavour and unforgettable aroma.

Maciek and Kamil Maciek and Kamil

Maciek and Kamil

You definitely know them from beer festivals or from our shop in Tarnów. Despite working elsewhere, they support us whenever we need an extra pair of hands – or two. Helpful, hard-working, reliable. We can always count on them. It’s wonderful to have such back-up!


Zapanbrat Crew

Przemek i Michał. At first, it was strictly business between us, then common love for beer and now it’s true, close friendship. Founders and owners of the Zapanbrat Brewery where we brew our beers. Friends and brothers, yin and yang, they love good beer, great food and having fun as much as we do. We share the same sense of humour and sometimes understand each other without words. After a couple of years together we can honestly say that life has challenged us with some ups and downs, but each hurdle has only strengthened us and our mutual respect.
It’s a pleasure to come and work at Zapanbrat Brewery.They built an excellent team of brewers, warehouse workers, planners, logistics managers – role titles don’t matter as really, what counts is that they managed to create a wonderful work atmosphere.
We couldn’t have even imagined such partners at brewing our beers and here they came, knights in shining armours  It’s good to have you guys, thank you and high five!