Beer in the style of Grodziskie with grilled lemon and red pepper


Grodziskie is the only fully Polish style of beer in the world. Its homeland is Grodzisk Wielkopolski, where this beer was probably brewed in the Middle Ages. It is a very pale beer, extremely light, with a characteristic aroma of smoked malt, a slightly acidic taste and  lively carbonation. This time we have decided to go a little further, by adding grilled lemons and red pepper to the basic version.

Wheat malt smoked with oak wood smoke (in a traditional hearth) and grilled lemons were prepared for us by the guys from the Zapanbrat Brewery.

You must also try our classic Grodziskie beer.

ABV: 2.9 %

Extract: 8 %

IBU: 20

Hops: Lubelski, Marynka

First batch: April 2022

Ingredients: Water, smoked wheat malt, barley malt, grilled lemons, hops, pink pepper, yeast.


Bottle photo

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