Weizen Trzech Kumpli


Solid golden turbidity, very thick – like a stone built – foam cap. The aroma of cloves, bananas, but also fresh bread and citrus. The taste is smooth and velvety, with a sourness and fruity note. Little bitter, very crisp.

We missed such a craft beer on the market so we brewed it ourselves. A very important thing – be sure to pour beer into a glass with yeast sludge from the bottom of the bottle!

Be sure to try rest beers of the Classic line: Pils, Bock and Porter!

ABV: 5 %

Extract: 12.5 %

IBU: 15

Marynka, Lubelski

First batch: February 2018


Water, wheat malt, barley malt, hops, yeast.


Bottle photo

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