American Beauty

American Blonde Ale

We will keep the description of this one simple, just like we did when producing it.

We brewed it with Andrzej Miller, the Grand Champion of Birofilia 2013 – the biggest home-brewed beers competition in Poland. The idea we shared was fairly straightforward: an easy-drinking, everyday beer we would like to keep in our fridge. Bitter but well-balanced, light yet aromatic; instead of knocking you off your feet, American Beauty will serve to unwind and perk you up. Cheerful citrus, mango and lychee on the nose. Crisp, light, moderately bitter and fruity, very drinkable.

We like it a lot.

ABV: 5 %

Extract: 12.5 %

IBU: 25

Cascade PL, Mosaic

First batch: December 2015

Water, barley malt, wheat malt, wheat flakes, rice flakes, hops, yeast.


Bottle photo

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