Ice Imperial Baltic Porter Bourbon & Rum Barrel Aged

Fram is a doubly frozen Ragnar, previously aged in rum barrels (Jamaica) and American whiskey barrels (Jack Daniel’s). Our analysis showed that Fram has an alcohol content of around 20%, which – as far as we know – makes it the strongest Polish beer available on the market today.

And the name? Well, it was known that we would refer to the ice and the Scandinavian regions, after all, this is Ragnar‘s territory!

The Fram was the first ever icebreaker used by Fridtjof Nansen and other great Norwegian polar explorers. Fram is said to have sailed farther north (85°57’N) and farther south (78°41’S) than any other wooden ship and it is also considered to be the strongest wooden ship ever built (info according to Wikipedia).

We poured it into 250 ml bottles, because it is a real crazy, not beer, and therefore you have to sip it carefully and preferably in company. In our opinion, such a bottle is a perfect “dessert” for two people.

ABV: 20 %

IBU: 100

Cascade US

First batch: January 2019


Water, barley malt, wheat malt, oat flakes, sugar, hops, yeast.


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