Mighty ones

Big guns. Heavy artillery. Not for everyone. Those are beers you are going to either love or hate. They are very potent, extremely complex in flavour and demanding of your patience and the right setting. They are similar to wines in that they need time and air to open up.

The choice of the vessel is crucial here: never drink straight from a bottle, but rather pour the beer (avoiding disturbing the sediment) to a glass with high sensory qualities. This can mean a pokal, a tulip or a snifter glass, or simply a big wine glass. Really, any glass that is wider at the bottom and narrower at the top will do. Now allow the aromas to unleash themselves, take a deep breath in, try to tell them apart. You should be able to easily recognise chocolate, coffee, nutty notes, but also cherry, prune, licorice ones and, in those beers aged in barrels, scents of oak and previously stored liquors. And finally, take small sips because behind the sweetness and full body serious percents sneakily hide.

These beers require the longest production time. They spend between 6 to 18 months in the tanks and wooden barrels.

We think it's worth the wait...