Classic Dubbel

We brewed three classic Belgian style beers which made us fall in love with beer all over again. Dubbel, Tripel and Quadrupel make up our Belgian triptych.

The line is opened by Dubbel, an amber, slightly cloudy beer with a complex aroma coming from Belgian hops and rich malt mix. You will smell prunes, raisins, dried cherries, along with caramel and toast aromas. Everything is underpinned by faint spicy accents and a lovely malty fullness. Careful, this beer is treacherously strong!

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ABV: 8 %

Extract: 18 %

IBU: 25

Hops: Saaz, Columbus

First batch: July 2019


Water, barley malt, sugar, hops, yeast.


Bottle photo

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