Irish Dry Stout

Wheeler is our Dry Irish Stout, brewed according to the “school from Cork”, and thus towards a slightly greater fullness and complexity of the taste, compared to the world-famous Dublin stout.

Expect the aromas of roasted barley, chocolate and solid espresso. The taste has a pleasant maltiness, which we tried to keep at a level that would only balance the bitterness and roastiness.

The very name of the beer is our mini-tribute to Daniel Wheeler. He was a Briton, who in 1818 patented an innovative method of drying malt, which made it possible to obtain it in almost every shade – from light to black – and without the aroma of smoking.

We saturated the beer with nitrogen and not carbon dioxide as usual. Do not pour it gently, but with impetus, a strong jet, preferably so as to aim at the bottom of the glass. In this way, you will stimulate the gas contained in the beer, which will form a wonderful dense foam with tiny bubbles. Our aim is to get a slightly saturated beer in the glass, which greatly increases its drinkability. What is more, a kind of “filter” made of compact foam should add a sense of creaminess and fullness.

Sláinte, Mr. Wheeler!

ABV: 4,1 %

Extract: 11 %

IBU: 25

Lotus, East Kent Goldings, Cashmere, Fuggles

First batch: Fabruary 2022

Water, barley malt, barley flakes, rye malt, roasted barley, hops, yeast.


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