Full Riwaka

Riwaka Hazy IPA

Full Riwaka is a beer solidly packed with New Zealand Riwaka hops, a unique rarity in the world of breweries. It is difficult to acquire, expensive, but if we had to choose just one representative that reflects the character of the hops from the Land of the Long White Cloud, it would be Riwaka. This iconic variety first came into the hands of brewers in 1997 and immediately made New Zealand hop growers famous worldwide.

The aroma of Riwaka consists mainly of citrus fruits, including the rare kumquat, a fruit similar in appearance to a small orange with a sweet, edible peel and a slightly vinous flavour. Drinking Full Rivaca, one also perceives a whole spectrum of tropical fruits with passion fruit in the foreground and delicate floral notes. Thanks to a considerable amount of flakes and oat malt, the beer is velvety, even creamy, but at the same time not ‘sticky’ or ‘pulpy’. So both those who like a drier Hazy IPA and those looking for a round, fruity beer profile should be satisfied.


ABV: 6,1%

Extract: 17 %

IBU: 40

Riwaka, Columbus, Talus

First batch:  October 2022

Water, barley malt, wheat flakes, oat flakes, oat malt, hops, yeast.


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