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Sour Ale

Sour beer is a seemingly simple concept, yet in reality it requires a lot of attention and patience. We need to start with malt milling of course, then the mashing, lautering and only then we move on to the acidification process. This is done by adding lactobacillus bacteria to the wort – yes, precisely same beneficial creatures you eat with blue cheese, or pickled vegetables – so that they can start the lactic fermentation process and lower the pH. This is where the “sour” magic is done. The brewer cautiously observes the dropping pH only to step in in the right moment and move the wort to boil, the to cool down and then to apply the yeast. Yeast finishes the job with the second fermentation.

After that, all that is left is to add super-fresh blackberry, blueberry and cranberry juices, which blend perfectly with the acidity of the beer, to end up with a wonderfully refreshing, light, fruity drink.

This beer tastes best on a hot day!

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ABV: 5.1 %

Extract: 12 %

IBU: 8

Hops: Iunga

First batch: July 2020


Water, barley malt, wheat flakes, wheat malt, blueberry juice, blackberry juice, cranberry juice, hops, yeast, lactic acid bacteria: lactobacillus.


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