Double collaboration with Pinta Brewery

Date of the event: 19/08/2019

The common longing for “good old” IPAs, clear and bitter, made us connect with Pinta Brewery and this resulted in a double collaboration and brewing of two new IPAs. The idea was simple: two beers, two locations. One at Pinta, in Wieprz, one in our Zapanbrat Brewery in Żywiec. We brewed at the same time, Pinta choosing East Coast, us – an equally popular West Coast. Of course, we talked about recipes, malts, hops, yeast, fermentation, but each brewery took care of their respective beer independently. We agreed on the names and common graphic theme, but again, we each designed the label separately.

Regarding the names…

Silver Star, East Coast IPA – its name comes from the iconic railway line joining NYC with Miami. It’s 2449 km long and it takes over 20 hours to ride through the entire East Coast of the US. Wow!

Coast Starlight, West Coast IPA, is – you guessed it! – an iconic railway line running across 2216 km between Seattle and LA. Fab!

We had no choice but to travel between our breweries by train (journey time: whole five minutes!) and the common denominator of the label design is railway.

We assure you that our beer is equally Californian inside. We didn’t scrimp on the hops, as is our standard approach, but we also ramped up the bitterness. No cutting corners! We do love a classic, aromatic, clear and bitter IPA.

We are overjoyed to see our logo on Pinta’s bottle, and we of course put their logo on our label too. Both beers launched at One More Beer Festival in Krakow in September, and they have been available across Poland since 23 September.