Doppelbock, or collaboration with the Łańcut Brewery

Date of the event: 09/10/2019

There’s life outside the world of IPAs and we decided to take advantage of the fact that just an hour-drive away from our town lies Łańcut, with its craft brewery specialising in lagers.

Exactly a week ago, together with Łańcut Brewery, we created a double bock. What the heck! Autumn is here, then cold winter is coming – just the perfect weather for a glass of a doppelbock.

Beer parameters are more than decent: > 20 Plato, > 8% ABV.

Our potent bock needs to rest in a tank for a while, so this will be one of our 2020 premiere beers.

Łańcut Brewery, high five! It was pure pleasure brewing with you!