KPR Craft of the Year 2021

We have won the medals!


  🥇 Gold for Rusty – British Ale

  🥇 Gold for Rauchdoppelbock – Smoked Beer

  🥈 Silver for Califia (can) – West Coast IPA

  🥈 Silver for American Beauty – American Pale Ale

  🥈 Silver for Pils (can) – Bohemian Lager

  🥈 Silver for Native American – East Coast IPA

  🥉 Bronze for Pia – Session IPA

  🥉 Bronze for Oaty – Stout

  🥉 Bronze for Gose Sauté – Sour Ale

This year we have won the medals for the classic beer styles (Pils, there is a saying about the quality of the brewery that says: you recognize it by its Pils …), for the English style, which can also be considered the classic one (Oaty, Rusty), the New Wave (good old school of Native American, classic West Coast – Califia, daily American Beauty and finally a new wave among the New Waves – Pia – the IPA session beer from New Zealand). We also have medals for an extremely difficult and apparently simple style, namely for the “naked” Gose, that is a kind of beer without any additives, and – finally – GOLD MEDAL for the smoked beer – Rauchdoppelbock (produced together with Browar Łańcut, however “at our’s house”, i.e. in the Zapanbrat Brewery).

Our diversity, versatility and interstyling is something that is of great value to us, which constitutes a pride, but also a path we chose consciously. We are also very happy that our debut beer poured into cans has been awarded with two silver medals: Califia and Pils. Hopefully this proves the thesis: no packaging decorates beer.

WE PRODUCE WHAT WE LIKE remains the current credo of Trzech Kumpli and so far we have suited your taste (and that of the jury!).

Congratulations to all the award-winning breweries! Join our joy and of course visit our stores to buy our winners.

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