8 medals during The Frankfurt International Trophy 2022

Good news from Frankfurt!
In this year’s edition of the Frankfurt International Trophy, the jury evaluated over 700 beers presented by breweries from all over the world. Our beers have won 8 medals in this prestigious competition. Two Grand Golds, five gold medals and one silver medal!

The beers that returned home with medals:
Grand Gold 🏆 Rauchdoppelbock in the Smoke Beer category
Grand Gold 🏆 Porter Bałtycki in the Stout/Porter category
Gold 🥇 Pan IPAni Double in the Imperial IPA category
Gold 🥇 Nesta in the Foreign Stout category
Gold 🥇 IPA Unplugged in the Non Alcoholic Beer category
Gold 🥇 American Beauty in the Pale Ale category
Gold 🥇 Triple Blackcyl in the Dark Black IPA category
Silver 🥈 Pan IPAni in the White IPA/Hoppy Weizen category

We are proud and happy with all the medals, but we are particularly happy with the first medal – the gold won by our FES – Nesta and the Grand Gold won by Rauchdoppelbock. This is another gold medal for this beer in such a short time. We are also very satisfied with the Grand Gold awarded to Porter Bałtycki because Stout / Porter is a prestigious category full of strong competitors. Speaking about Triple Blackcyl, however, we have often said that it is promising beer, and here it is: Firstly, it received a lot of positive reviews from you, now it has been confirmed by an international jury. A smile on the face is also caused by the fact that IPA Unplugged has repeated its success from last year and Pan IPAni Double has been rewarded with a medal for the third consecutive time in this competition. American Beauty has also won the gold medal.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Competition results: https://www.frankfurt-trophy.com/en/beer-trophy.html