10 medals at The Concours De Lyon 2022


This year our beers have come back from France again with medals! This time we have won 10 of them! This is the fourth consecutive time that we have received awards at The Concours de Lyon – Wine, Beer and Spirits Competition – a competition involving breweries from all over the world.

Our list of this year’s medalists is as follows:

🥇 Triple Blackcyl in the Black IPA category

🥇 Rauchdoppelbock in the Smoke Beer category

🥇 Igrok in the Wood & Barrel aged Beer category

🥇 IPA Unplugged in the Non Alcoholic Beer category

🥈 Pan IPAni in the Wheat IPA / White IPA category

🥈 Pils in the Lager Bohemian – Style Pilsner category

🥈 Idiot in the Imperial Stout category

🥈 American Beauty in the Pale Ale category

🥈 Lager Niemiecki in the German – Style Pilsner category

🥈 Califia in the American IPA category

We try to send various beers to each of the competitions, not just the new wave ones. This year we have done the same. As you can see, beers of various styles have been awarded. Starting from the new wave style beers, such as Pan IPAni or Califia, passing through those of the classic line (Pils, Rauchdoppelbock), up to the strong beers – Igrok or Idiota.

Although the number of medals is a bit intimidating to us, we know it is a confirmation of the quality and variety we care about from the very first batch. Let’s high-five at the Zapanbrat brewery! We are delighted and congratulate all the winners!

More information: Concours de Lyon