13 Medals during The Greater Poland Beer and Cider Cup 2019

The first gala of Greater Poland Beer and Cider Cup 2019 took place during this year’s Poznan Beer Fair. We came home with 13 medals!

What makes us especially pleased is that the two most important categories, where we showed our IPAs, awarded all their six medals to our beers! Misty, Pan IPAni, Amok, Blakcyl, Taura, Pan IPAni Double completely dominated in those categories.

Grodziskie also received a gold medal – that’s a second gold in a row for this beer!

Our newly debuted Belgians – Dubbel and Tripel – got awarded too. Pils received a distinction as well, its popularity so wonderfully surprising to us. It’s our everyday ‘calibration’ beer and our crew keeps coming back to it.

Another distinction, in the lager category, went to our Porter Bałtycki. Judges clearly agree we know our classics! More medals went to Idiota and Happy Days.

A full list of our victories below:

We are extremely happy and grateful!

Congratulations to all other winners!