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Happy Days

Hoppy Pale Ale

We wanted it to be intense in flavour and aroma only, without unnecessary ABV. Abundance of
American and Australian hops help build the aromas of lemons, grapefruit, and tropical fruit, as well
as kiwi and a touch of pine needles. The flavour is very similar to the aroma, but remember, this beer
is extremely light and so you won’t find the malt body.

With average-to-low bitterness and slightly mineral quality of water, this drink is fresh and easy to
enjoy in large quantities. We still wanted it to remain beer, so its 1.3% seems like a fine compromise.
And one more thing: despite using as much hops as with our best IPAs, Happy Days in not an IPA. We
hope that ‘super light hoppy pale ale’ will be tempting enough for you.

Happy Days!

ABV 1.3 %

Extract 5 %

IBU as needed

mosaic, citra, amarillo, galaxy, iunga, centennial

First batch August 2018

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