Trzech Kumpli Brewery’s Beers have won the most medals at KPR 2022

Dears, we have achieved great success!

We have won a record-breaking 13 medals at the biggest and most prestigious beer competition in Poland, Kraft Roku (Craft Beer of the Year)! This is the most medals we have won in one edition of the competition in our history. It is also the highest number of medals won of all the breweries that took part in the competition. There were exactly 119 of them, which is more than 1/3 of all the existing breweries in Poland. No other brewery has won more medals than us, so we are bursting with pride!

A record number of 754 beer specialties were submitted to this year’s edition of the competition. The beers were evaluated by 41 judges from Poland, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Panama, the USA, Germany, Lithuania, Italy, Finland, Belgium, Germany, Ukraine, the Netherlands, the UK and Spain.


The beers awarded medals at the Craft Beer of the Year 2022 competition:


🥇 Pan IPAni – Hazy IPA category

🥇 IPA Unplugged – Non-Alcohol Beer category

🥇 Taura – Hazy Imperial IPA category

🥇 Idiota – Imperial Stout/Porter category

🥇 MVPils – Other Lager category

🥈 Wonder Haze – Hazy Pale Ale category

🥈 American Beauty – American Pale Ale category

🥈 Pan IPAni Double – Hazy Imperial IPA category

🥈 Native American – East Coast IPA category

🥈 Porter Bałtycki – Baltic Porter category

🥈 Oaty – Stout category

🥈 Gose Sauté – Sour Ale category

🥉 Berliner Weisse Sauté  – Sour Ale category


The most important medal for us is the gold for Pan IPAni in the Hazy IPA category. We don’t have specific data, but first of all, our intuition tells us that this was the most “crowded” category in the competition! Secondly, Pan IPAni is a beer invented at the beginning of 2015, brewed for the first time in March of the same year at a time when hardly anyone in Poland was talking about Hazy, New England or Vermont IPA! After all these years, this beer not only remains ‘up-to-date’, but is even ahead of others, more ‘today’s’ beers, usually hopped incomparably stronger. We are happy because this proves that Pan IPAni is very well composed, balanced beer, somehow resisting time and changing market trends.

The second gold went to IPA Unplugged, i.e. a non-alcoholic, classic and strongly hopped India Pale Ale. The judges did not award a silver medal in this category, so we feel that we have “surpassed” other beers with our ‘IPA Unplugged‘. We are very pleased with this gold, as it perfectly reflects our current satisfaction with the form of this beer.

The third gold for Taura in the Hazy Imperial IPA category should be celebrated together with the silver for Pan IPAni Double, awarded in exactly the same category. So the first and the second place in such an important IPA category has been won by the Trzech Kumpli brewery! Here, it is also worth noting a similar situation to that of the classic Pan IPAni – its double version was invented in 2016. The Pan IPAni Double is still brewed today and you can see for yourself how high its standard is.

The fourth gold medal was awarded to Idiota, our Imperial Stout, which we have been brewing regularly for a few years. Since the very beginning of its production we have wanted it to be just as the judges saw and tasted it: a solid, classic Imperial Stout. And yes, it is an important category and an important gold medal!

The fifth gold was awarded to us by the judges for MVPils in the Other Lager category. This is a fancy American-style hopped pils with a basketball label that we like very much. We brew it not often but regularly and it already has its psychophans. This medal shows that we are good not only at hopping, but also at “lagering”.

The silver medals for Wonder Haze (in the Hazy Pale Ale category) and American Beauty (in the American Pale Ale category) prove once again that we know how to make quality hopped beers. Interestingly, the judges did not award gold medals in these categories, so our beers were objectively the best. In our case, therefore, you can choose between the Pale Ale in the Haze version and the Classic version, both of which are at a similar and very high level of competition. These things only happen at Trzech Kumpli!

Silver for Native American in the East Coast IPA category is doubly gratifying because, firstly, it shows once again that we have mastered the hopping process to at least a satisfactory degree, and secondly, we have a fondness for this beer because it was the first one we started bottling.

The silver medal for Porter Bałtycki makes us very happy, because we immodestly think that it is one of the best porters on the Polish market, in addition to being produced regularly and available all year-round!

The silver medal for Oaty – our Oatmeal Stout – in the Stout category made us even happier because the judges awarded neither gold nor bronze medal, so at the same time, according to the judges, it was the best stout in the competition, and besides, after our Oaty there was nothing …. for long … on the list.

The last two medals deserve to be commented on together, as they belong to the same category – Sour Ale – we won two: for Gose Sauté and Berliner Sauté. Again, the judges did not award gold, so our beers are key figures in this category. Honest acidification with bacteria and patience during the process clearly pay off!

We are very satisfied!

Congratulations also to the other award-winning breweries in the competition.