We support Jazz Juniors 2021

Jazz, just like kraft beer, offers freedom of interpretation and arrangement, but at the same time minimalism, elegance of form and perfection of workmanship. No wonder this is one of our favorite musical genres, and probably no other genre sounds so wonderfully “live”. So, we are pleased to announce that for the fourth time we are proud sponsors of one of the oldest jazz festivals in Poland, the Jazz Juniors Festival.

Jazz Juniors is first of all a competition of young and debuting jazz bands, but it is also a festival of international celebrities of the most uninhibited music on our planet. The competition auditions begin on October 13th, 2021 at the Nowa Huta Cultural Center in Krakow. We highly recommend this day of the festival, because this is where you can feel the direction in which the youngest, but already excellent musicians, are pushing jazz.

On Thursday, there are two great concerts by international artists at the Circoteca and the Jazz Juniors Showcase at the Mile Stone Jazz Club in Krakow. On Friday there are more performances by world-class jazz artists and again Showcase at the Mile Stone Jazz Club. On Saturday there is another Showcase at the same locality… There are so many concerts and great bands that you can really recharge your mind and body with live jazz music for many months ahead!

And what is our participation in the Festival? Since “3” is our favorite number, we are the sponsor of the award for the jazz band, which will take the third place in the contest, and we are also going to fund an individual award for an outstanding musician. This is an award named after Janusz Muniak, an unforgettable saxophonist from Krakow, whom we had the great pleasure to listen to and watch live performances many times.

We support what we like. We support Jazz Juniors!

ATTENTION – we have two double invitations to festival concerts for you. To get them, please visit https://www.facebook.com/Browar.TrzechKumpli

More on: https://jazzjuniors.com.pl/

Photo: Fot. Michał Łepecki, Jazz Juniors 2021