A record number of medals for the TRZECH KUMPLI brewery at KPR 2023!



This is the way we like to finish the year! During the Awards Gala of the Craft Beer Competition (KPR) – Kraft of the Year 2023, the biggest competition of this kind in Poland, we received a record number of medals – as many as 15! This is an absolute record when it comes to awards won by one brewery in one edition of the competition.

The competition was truly impressive, with 810 beers from 121 breweries entered in 59 categories. The jury consisted of 46 judges from Poland, the United States, Italy, Germany, Spain, Panama, Belgium, the United Kingdom, France, Finland, Austria, the Netherlands and Japan. We couldn’t be happier to have turned out to be the best among such a multitude of beers and breweries, and that our beers are consistently appreciated by juries from all over the world. We have won awards in various categories, from classics to aged beers. Full list below:

🔸 Wheeler in the Stout category
🔸 Wonder Haze in the Hazy Pale Ale category
🔸 Bock Trzech Kumpli in the Bock category
🔸 Gose Sauté in the Sour Ale category
🔸 Rauchdoppelbock in the Smoked Beer category
🔸 Beer in Grodziskie Style in the Grodziskie category
🔸 IPA Unplugged in the Non-Alcohol Beer category

🔸 Native American in the East Coast IPA category
🔸 Pan IPAni in the Hazy IPA category
🔸 Pan IPAni Double in the Hazy Imperial IPA category
🔸 Imperial Graff Grodziskie in the Grodziskie category
🔸 Igrok in the Wood & Barrel Aged Imperial Stout/Porter category
🔸 Bałtycki Porter Trzech Kumpli in the Baltic Porter category

🔸 William in the Barley Wine category
🔸 Idiota in the Imperial Stout category

For the first time, special prizes were also awarded to the breweries that won the most awards in individual categories. In this case, our brewery was also recognised and we were awarded the title – Champions of Stouts and Porters of the KPR 2023!

We would like to thank the organizers, congratulate the other awarded breweries and, of course, greet the Zapanbrat Brewery team!