TRZECH KUMPLI beer with a medal at EUROPEAN BEER STAR 2023!


More great medal news!

At the end of November, we had the extraordinary pleasure and honour of attending the awards ceremony of the European Beer Star competition. It turned out that, to our great joy, a beer brewed by our brewery was among the winners. The Porter Bałtycki Wędzony Trzech Kumpli won the silver medal in the Strong Smoke Beer category.

We felt it was an outstanding beer as it had been getting great reviews since its release. Nevertheless, an award received in the European Beer Star is something really special, as it is, after all, one of the most prestigious beer competitions in the world. The European Beer Championship, you could say! In the competition itself, more than 140 judges evaluated as many as 2356 beers from 553 breweries from all over the world in 74 categories.

We are therefore incredibly proud of this recognition and the fact that we have officially become part of the group of breweries that produce the best beers in Europe.

A few more words about our winner…

The aroma and taste of Porter Bałtycki Wędzony Trzech Kumpli is based on malts that are smoked by our friends from the Zapanbart Brewery team. Three types of wood were used in the smoking process: beech, alder and cherry. It is worth noting that we are one of the few breweries in Europe to use malt that is smoked in-house.