Medals for TRZECH KUMPLI in Poznań!



We came back from the Poznań Beer Fair in a great mood due to the fact that our beers won as many as 12 medals in the Greater Poland Beer Cup competition, whose award ceremony took place during the Fair! The competition was impressive! The Polish and foreing breweries took part in the competition and more than hundreds of beers were presented, which makes us even happier!

Our beers have been awarded in several categories and the full list is as follows:

🔸 Wonder Haze in the American Pale Ale category

🔸 Porter Bałtycki in the Baltic Porter category
🔸 Porter Bałycki Wędzony in the Stout/Smoked Porter category
🔸 Wheeler in the Stout category
🔸 Pan IPAni in the Hazy IPA/NEIPA category
🔸 Pan IPAni Double in the Double IPA category
🔸 Citrus Session Juicy IPA in the IPA with additives category

🔸 Oaty in the Stout category
🔸 Idiota in the Imperial Stout category
🔸 IPA Unplugged in the Non-alcoholic beer category
🔸 Beer in Grodziskie Style in the Grodziskie category
🔸Gose Mango and Passion Fruit in the Gose/Berliner Weisse with additives category

We are delighted with the awards we have won, we are congratulating the other breweries on their medals and we are applauding Zapanbrat Brewery because without their work our beers would not present such high quality.