Best Brewery | Poland 2022

Great news!

We have won the title of Best Brewery | Poland 2022 in the Frankfurt International Trophy – Wine, Beer and Spirits Competition!

As you know, eight of our beers have been awarded in the competition. Each of the medals has brought a huge smile to our faces, especially two Grand Golds for Rauchdoppelbock and Porter Bałtycki, so for beers in classic and very demanding styles. We thought this had been “everything” in Frankfurt this year, but the organizers sent us information that we were the “best of show” of all Polish breweries.

Oh, this is a great thing for us, but also a great dose of motivation. We don’t want to change our chosen path: we have set ourselves the goal of brewing not only the ubiquitous IPA, but also traditional beers, those more difficult, less accessible, slightly forgotten and slightly neglected by craft brewers. We thought it would be our side project rather than a serious production, but you still request our porter, lager, koźlak, stout, bitter or grodziskie and we just have to continue their brewing. Thank you for that!


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