London Beer Competition 2021

After the news regarding the medals we won in Lyon, we have received more good news. This time from London!

At this year’s London Beer Competition we have won five medals and an honorable mention for the best Polish beer in the competition.

Won Medals:

🥇 Gold medal in the Strong European Beer category – Porter Bałtycki
🥈 Silver medal in the IPA category – Pan IPAni
🥈 Silver medal in the Pale American Ale category – American Beauty
🥈 Silver medal in the International Lager category – ITAPils
🥉 Bronze medal in the Non Alcoholic Beer category – Oatmeal Stout Unplugged
⭐ The title of Best in Show By Country – Porter Bałtycki

The competition awarded 15 gold medals in all categories. Not only was Porter Bałtycki the best in Poland, but also the seventh in the whole competition.

In addition, getting a medal for a non-alcoholic stout in London is like reaching the eight-thousand-meter-high peak in brewing!

We are very happy about it! Let’s have some Stout!