IDIOTA – the best from Poland

We have more good news from Lyon!

Our RIS Idiota (Idiot) has been chosen as the best beer in The Concours de Lyon – Wine, Beer and Spirits Competition by all competing Polish beers this year!

This is not the end of the laurels, because the Idiot has also won the entire international category of Imperial Stout!🏆

At the Lyon competition, the gold medal can be won not only by one beer in each category, but the Idiot got the maximum score and became number one!

The international jury appreciated the Idiota mainly for the intensity and quality of the aroma, assigning a score of 10/10 in this area. The total score of the Idiota is 38.67/40 which is a fantastic result!!!

We always say that making beer is not a competition, but now we are really proud.

We produce world class beer and this is Russian Imperial Stout!