Rauchdoppelbock – revisiting the Łańcut Brewery

Do you remember our collaboration with the Łańcut Brewery, resulting in the double bock – Demode? Well as promised back then, we invited the Łańcut crew to visit us this time and so they came to Browar Zapanbrat.

While taking this picture, in the tanks you can see behind us there was already our beer brewing…yes, you guessed it, a double bock. To keep things interesting, we obviously didn’t want to brew exactly same beer, and so we added a new element: smoking.

Yes, we brewed a Rauchendoppelbock, which is a smoked double bock. Similarly to our Grodziskie Style beer, we also used wheat malt which had been smoked with oak or beech tree smoke first.

Our comrades at Browar Zapanbrat already know how to prepare a perfect smoked malt – this time there made over a ton of it! So just when you thought we couldn’t brew anything more out-of-date and counterrevolutionary, we came up with a smoked doppelbock! And as we all know, smokey flavours in beer are like Marmite: you either love it or hate it. One thing is for sure – there shall be no boredom!

Parameters are almost the same as the original Demode: 21 Plato and 8% alcohol. Cheers!