Pannonica 2021

We are the sponsor of the Pannonica Festival*!

One-of-a-kind music, three days of freedom with beer by Trzech Kumpli – all this in Beskid Sądecki, the place we love on the banks of the Poprad River. On the first weekend of September, in parallel with the European Running Festival, we support the Pannonica Festival – the most important festival of Balkan and Pannonian culture in Poland.

The organizers describe the event as follows: “Pannonica is a place for meeting and celebrating contact with the living culture of New Europe and with nature. It is an authentic, multidisciplinary, non-commercial place, full of energy that gathers a community of fans of “Pannonian” culture* in its many varieties; Hungarian, Balkan, Gypsy and Carpathian ones”.

The stage performances during the Pannonica are one part of the event, and the lively festival village located on the people’s historic migratory route from southern to northern Europe constitutes its another part. The attractions of the festival include, among others, music, craft, dance and theater workshops, as well as feasts.

The idea of ​​Slow Food and Slow Life will be promoted during the event. Our beers fit perfectly the festival landscape. After all, we brew them in accordance with these ideas: without haste, with attention, in a thoughtful and elaborate way. During the festival our Pan IPAni, Pils, Oaty will be served and for those who do not want / cannot drink alcohol our non-alcoholic IPA Unplugged will be served. It is also worth adding that during this festival we will are going to test, for the first time, the used plastic glasses return system in order to generate as little waste as possible!


For the first four people who will write a few sentences about why it is worth attending Pannonica, in a comment under our Facebook post, we have free tickets for this year’s edition. The tickets include a place on the campsite during the whole event. Hurry up!

Read the post and enter the contest on Facebook here.

More information about the festival:

*Pannonica: “Pannonia, Panonia” – the name of the former province of the Roman Empire, which was located in the territory of present-day Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovakia. In botany, the term “pannonian element” refers to typical steppe plants of the Black Sea and of the Hungarian Puszta. In Poland they are present only in specific habitats, mainly in xerothermal grasslands on the steep slopes of wide river valleys, on soils rich in calcium.