The European Running Festival 2021

How about participating in a running race in which at the finish line, apart from satisfaction and sometimes a medal, you also get Trzech Kumpli beer, regardless of the result?

We are happy to inform you that we have become a sponsor of the The European Running Festival (Europejski Festiwal Biegowy)!

The home base of the running race is located in Krynica-Zdrój, a city we are particularly fond of. This is where we started our trips to Beskid Sądecki, in the direction of Jaworzyna and Wierchomla, and to Beskid Niski – to Lackowa through Izby or to Wysowa through Mochnaczka and Ropki. We love these areas very much because we find there a certain kindness and peace that fill our hearts and souls like no other place in the world. We return there regularly. Therefore, we could not help but support this sports initiative whose stages run through our beloved hills. You understand us, don’t you?

The European Running Festival will be held on September 3-5 in Krynica-Zdrój. It is a sports and cultural event. At the foot of Parkowa mountain in Krynica, the participants will run through five panoramic routes which are very varied in terms of difficulty and go through two ranges of the Beskidy mountains: Sądecki and Niski.

The best runners from around the world attend the event and the PLN 100.000 main prize is truly impressive, will you admit it?

At the finish line, each competitor will receive a bottle of delicious IPA Unplugged, which is non-alcoholic beer, but it is as effective in reducing the level of lactic acid in the tired muscles of runners as beer with alcohol.

IPA Unplugged is highly aromatic and decidedly bitter. After opening, you can expect citrus, tropical and resiny notes, rooted in surprisingly full-bodied malts. The only thing that makes it different from the classic IPA beer is the lack of “alcohol”. It is simply a classic bitter alcohol-free beer which reveals a familiar smell.

This is not all. Anyone who takes third place at distances of 60 and 100 km, in all age categories for men and women, will receive an award in the form of a package containing a felt bag, a t-shirt, a glass and other gadgets, including a Buff scarf by Trzech Kumpli: indispensable accessories for every runner!

But wait a minute! Why do you reward the third place? In an atypical way, we have deliberately decided to reward this place because “three” is a magical and lucky number for us, and because our observations of all the competitions show that the first two places have always been awarded big prizes.

Come to Krynica to cheer and run!


Karol Czajka

Michał Walusza