Lithuania: 3 days, 3 towns, 3 pubs – tap takeovers

Wilno, Kowno, Kłajpeda / Litwa

Date of the event: 10/10/2019

One autumn morning two of our team, Kuba and Kamil, set off to Lithuania. We visited three towns, with three pubs which all gave us a warm welcome during tap takeovers. There were tastings and heated discussion about craft beer.

The first night we visited Alaus Bibliotek in Vilnius. A fantastic place, where customers have cards just like at a library, and they collect stamps after each visit. The rules are simple: it’s all about getting to know each beer style from each labelled shelf. The place looks like a library, with beer “genres” instead of, say, Fiction or Detective Novels. Once all entries are collected, you get a prize: a book about beers. How cool is that!

The next stop on our map was Kaunas and a pub Vingiu Dubingiu Aludė. A tiny yet extremely popular place, during the tap takeover it was filled to the brim. The customers surprised us with clever questions – it wasn’t difficult to guess they do love their craft beer!

Special thanks to Thomas for being an amazing host and for making us feel so at home.

The end of our journey was marked by visiting Klaipeda, and The Herkus Kantas Pub. Small space and low ceilings do not stop dozens of customers from visiting every evening and the night of our tap takeover was full, too. Cozy atmosphere and lovely people make for a fantastic combination.

Thanks, Lithuania, it was great! Fabulous cities and remarkable pubs. We met fantastic people and shared experiences with beermakes and beer lovers, while sipping on Grodziskie and other Trzech Kumpli brews.