The second edition of Easy Riders

On March 31st the second edition of one of the biggest bouldering competitions in Poland started: Easy Riders Climbing Festival organized by the Cube Climbing Center in Krakow. Once again, we are a partner of this unique event.

For those of you who were not with us during the first edition in 2020, we have a handful of info:

  • A three-day climbing festival, in a lax and accessible form
  • A unique sports event for people who have recently started their adventure with climbing. Also for those whose climbing experience is limited to tree climbing.
  • One of the biggest bouldering competitions in Poland. Almost 700 people took part in the first edition.
  • Thematic bouldering challenges that will differ widely from the everyday Cube setting.
  • Dozens of boulders of various difficulty levels that will be available to you only during the competition.
  • Referring to the Cube scale, several challenges have been prepared in each color between purple and white. Translating this into the FB scale, you can expect boulders with a difficulty of 4A to 7C.
  • Unique atmosphere. Light play and live music. Groups with instructors and videos with patents on how to go through climbing routes
  • The Grand Final in the single elimination formula. The show of the highest level, with the best five men and women in the main roles.

To join, complete the application.
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