The CUBE Bouldering Centre

The CUBE, a unique meeting place for climbers from Krakow and the surrounding area stole our hearts from the very beginning showing a great passion and joy of life.

On 01/02.08.2020 the bouldering centre * celebrated its first birthday and threw the party under the slogan: we are one year old! – Climb & Party x Trzech Kumpli Brewery, of which we were partners 😉

As part of the event, the organizer prepared 40 boulders of all difficulty levels, including some unique challenges that cannot be tackled on climbing walls on a daily basis. The boulders were only available on birthday and the organizers put in a completely new set of challenges just before the event started!

From 2 to 4 October, we were the patrons of the competition for amateurs – Easy Rider – Relax Only # 2, events for people who have recently started their adventure with climbing. Special thematic bouldering challenges, which to a large extent were different from those you can find every day at the CUBE, were prepared by the best Polish routesetters.

Throughout the event, a “Rescue” group was available on site – the CUBE team and instructors who, in case of a problem with any challenge, were available to provide good advice or reveal a way how to pass the route.

The CUBE is a place of great fun, even for those whose climbing experience is limited to climbing trees in their childhood! Come and take a look there! We recommend it!


   * the bouldering – low walls, no ropes, mattresses underneath.


Photo: CUBE Baldy & Kawa