Chmielotok – a chat with Proceente feat. Pablopavo

Chmielotok – a chat with Proceente” is a video podcast about beer and lifestyle. The Warsaw rapper and journalist Proceente chats with people belonging to the world of culture, tasting craft beers with them. All this takes place in the “Paleta Piwa” which is an important place on the map of the Warsaw specialty shops and WHERE TO BUY Trzech Kumpli.

The series is dedicated to beer fans and to all lovers of high-level entertainment … as you can see, our paths had to cross in the end J. We are very happy that this happened during a chat with an artist whose work we greatly appreciate. The guest of the podcast with our participation was Paweł Sołtys aka Pablopavo, representative of the Vavamuffin projects and Pablopavo i Ludziki, a word and microphone champion and in his spare time – a connoisseur of kraft pils.

Chmielotok – a chat with Proceente S2 feat. PABLOPAVO:

Guys drink:

Trzech Kumpli Brewery – PILS TRZECH KUMPLI (Pils)

Trzech Kumpli Brewery – ITAPILS (Mediterranean Pils)

Trzech Kumpli Brewery – PAN IPANI (Wheat IPA)

Trzech Kumpli Brewery – BOCK (Koźlak)


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