Chmielobrody’s chats – Piotr Sosin part II

The second part of Chmielobrody‘s chat with Piotr Sosin, founder and author of the main concept of the Trzech Kumpli brewery.

This time it is also interesting. During the chat you will have the opportunity to find out:

  • who is responsible for the multitude of beers on the market. Brewers? Beer geeks? Ordinary beer drinkers? Or maybe hop growers?
  • what Andy Warhol has to do with Polish kraft beer,
  • the similarities between a brewery and a burning bonfire
  • if there will be the brewery in Tarnów or not

and finally:

  • whether the IPA style gives priority to other styles;


Chmielobrody’s chats – Piotr Sosin part II:

The guys are drinking:

Trzech Kumpli Brewery – IPA UNPLUGGED (Non-alcoholic IPA)


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And if you missed the first part of the interview, here it is! We invite you to see it: Chmielobrody’s chats – Piotr Sosin part I



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