Chmielobrody’s chats – Piotr Sosin part I

Michał Stemplowski, better known in the brewing community as the blogger Chmielobrody, during his meeting with Piotr Sosin, founder and author of the main concept of the Trzech Kumpli brewery, doesn’t talk only about beer.

So, if you would like to hear the chats about:

  • whether strong beer (with a high alcohol content) can convince someone to read Dostoevsky,
  • how the contemporary omnipresent momentum affects beer producers,
  • a safe haven for a beer geek,
  • how the brewers shot themselves in the foot,

and finally:

  • what about those cans of Trzech Kumpli …

… grab your favorite beer, preferably Trzech Kumpli, of course, and we invite you to watch the chat.


Chmielobrody’s chats – Piotr Sosin part I

The guys are drinking:

Trzech Kumpli Brewery – OATMEAL STOUT UNPLUGGED (Non-alcoholic Oatmeal Stout)


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