The Górnolotni Festival in Tarnów

The Górnolotni Festival is an event that does not need to be presented to mountain lovers. For over 10 years, the most outstanding mountaineers, climbers, mountain runners, skiers, writers and filmmakers have met in Tarnów, at the Mościce Art Center and tell their stories.

As part of this year’s festival, in addition to several interesting meetings, screenings and discussions, there will also be a 12km run – Winter Run. As local patriots, we have decided to support this sporting event. Each of the runners will receive IPA Unplugged, our non-alcoholic beer in the flagship style of the beer revolution. Strongly aromatic and very bitter. It significantly reduces the level of lactic acid in tired muscles. So we hope the runners will enjoy it after the run!

We invite you to take a look at the festival program and participate in the events you like. There is a lot to choose from!

See you later!

Source: Górnolotni 2022. Meetings of mountaineers in Tarnów.