Jazz Juniors 2018

Photo: Katarzyna Kukiełka / Jazz Juniors

40 years since its beginning, Jazz Juniors Festival is transforming into the platform which is focused on promotion of young jazz artists on international stages. Held in Kraków, Jazz Juniors competition is addressed to musicians making their début and not yet 33 years of age.

The competition is intended to help them release their first record as well as guarantee contracts for a series of performances in foreign jazz clubs or festivals. We used to go listen to the auditions back at Uni, sipping beer in legendary clubs like Rotunda and Piec Art. If you had told us back then one day we’d be brewing our own beer, we’d die laughing. And you were to add that in a few more years our brewery would be a partner for Jazz Juniors we’d call you mental. Look where we are now!